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The following article was published in Reformation Today and is reproduced here by permission. Some readers will be very aware of this welcome development and may well have participated in some of the prayer meetings that have taken place already. We are reproducing it to encourage further participation in these prayer meetings and also to stimulate us all to renewed prayer for God to work in our nation.



When the Yorkshire Reformed Ministers' Fraternal issued the call to prayer just about a year ago, we had no idea where it would lead. At that time the fraternal called the churches of Yorkshire together for a Saturday morning of united prayer in Leeds for the outpouring of God's Spirit. Burdened by the deplorable state of the nation, the weakness of the churches, and our own lethargy as believers, we recognised that, unless God comes in power, our situation is utterly hopeless.


Following that initial meeting in March last year, there was a widespread sense that we must maintain the momentum of prayer. Three further events took place during 2011, and the number of people involved increased. Clearly, the call to prayer was timely. It had touched a nerve in the spiritual sensitivity of many Christians across Yorkshire.


We are convinced that this movement of prayer must be sustained. We do not want to organise things so minutely that enthusiasm and spontaneity are killed. However, without organisation and encouragement the momentum is likely to be lost. In organising the Concert of Prayer, we are endeavouring to provide a suitable channel for people's desire to pray that God will visit his people and bless us with better days for the gospel and kingdom of Christ.


The first united prayer gatherings of 2012 were planned for Saturday 11 February. Eight meetings took place simultaneously across Yorkshire. But what has thrilled us so much is that friends in other parts of the country have heard or read about what is happening in Yorkshire, and have been motivated to join the Concert of Prayer. Meetings will be taking place at the same time, to our knowledge, in the neighbouring counties of Durham and Lancashire, and also further afield in Newcastle upon Tyne, Suffolk, Kent, Sussex and Hampshire.


We had planned to hold another county-wide event in Yorkshire on April 21st, but the venue which we usually use turned out to be unavailable that day. We are therefore planning a network of several meetings at a few key venues around Yorkshire. What is so encouraging is that more areas of the country are planning to join the concert on that occasion. Meetings are already being planned in Devon and Derbyshire.


Let this report be a plea. Wouldn't it be wonderful if this Concert of Prayer soon covered the entire nation? Could you spearhead something in your area? There is, of course, nothing magical about all praying simultaneously, and indeed, we are aware of other groups — in London, Ireland and Scotland — who are already holding meetings of prayer for revival at other times. If the dates arranged by the brothers in Yorkshire are not suitable where you live, then go ahead and do something at a time convenient for you. Nevertheless, there is something powerfully symbolic about people all over the country crying out to the Lord for the same thing at the same time. It is a wonderful testimony to our unity in Christ, and to our common recognition of our total dependence upon God to revive His work. Let us press on in the work of the gospel, even in these difficult days, and may the Lord be pleased to heed our cries, and pour out His Spirit in revival blessing.


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Next meetings to be held on 4th October 2014 - click here for venues in Yorkshire (for other areas check local details)