2005 Conference Report

Will You not revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You? (Ps. 85:6)


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Reformation and Revival Fellowship

R. R. F. Conference 2005


At the 2005 RRF conference Jonathan Wood, in three heart-warming and challenging messages, explored the theme of ‘the mind’ in Paul’s letter to the Philippians. He reminded us of our need to have our eyes fixed on Christ and our hearts set on right priorities.

Alun McNabb spoke on ‘Our Sodom — our day’. He explained that our nation is a new ‘Sodom’ and emphasised that God destroys Sodoms. As Lot did, we should warn people that ‘the Lord will destroy this city’. But, unlike Lot, we should not end up backsliding in Sodom.

The third speaker was Robert Strivens, who gave a clear explanation of the heresy of ‘Sandemanianism’, focusing on the question ‘What is saving faith?’ Early in the eighteenth century Robert Sandeman proposed that ‘faith is simply belief in the testimony of God concerning Jesus Christ’, in other words a bare intellectual assent to the gospel.

He showed how the preacher Christmas Evans was strongly influenced by Sandemanianism for a considerable period of his ministry, resulting in a loss of the spirit of prayer and power in preaching. We were warned of an invisible Sandemanianism found in various forms in churches today and challenged to seek a living relationship with the Lord.