2004 Conference Report

Will You not revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You? (Ps. 85:6)


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Reformation and Revival Fellowship

R. R. F. Conference 2004

A time of challenge and uplifting biblical ministry was enjoyed at The Hayes, Swanwick, in November 2004.

Iain Campbell, a Free Church minister from the Isle of Lewis, directed our thoughts in an immensely uplifting way to ‘The glory of God in the book of Exodus’.


He reminded us that there can be no revival and no reformation without a recovery of our awareness of the glory and grandeur of God. All the gospel vocabulary is found in Exodus, together with the clear typology which throws light on the doctrines of the New Testament. The Burning Bush teaches us that we need an encounter with Christ to know the gracious purpose of God working out in our own lives and to enjoy his precious promises.


Through God’s revelation of his glory at Sinai we are led to see the riches of the covenant of grace. Thirdly, the tabernacle teaches us that the true church today is the dwelling place of God.


Stuart Olyott from Bridgend used the three chapters of Paul’s letter to Titus to deal respectively with three propositions. He did this in a typically practical, incisive and challenging manner.


First, ‘when the church is in a mess, this is where we begin: we think great thoughts; we place the right men in leadership; we declare war on false doctrine’. Secondly, ‘when the church is in a mess this is what we do next: we show each person what God expects of them, and we tell them why’.

Thirdly, ‘when the church is in a mess these are the notes we never stop sounding’: what godliness looks like, and why we have to live this way. Public ministry must focus on saving faith and resultant good works.

The third speaker was George Mitchell, a Baptist pastor and former Bible college lecturer, raised in Glasgow. He gave two illustrated messages on the revival in 1921/22 that spread from the east coast of Norfolk to N. E. Scotland by means of the herring fisher-folk.

He focused on the way the Lord used Jock Troup, a cooper who witnessed with outstanding blessing among his fellow-labourers in that thriving industry.


The three days were permeated with prayer, reverent worship and rich fellowship.


Colin Vincent


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