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The fellowship was born in 1938 as the Baptist Revival Fellowship when a group of evangelical pastors in London, concerned for the low spiritual state of their churches and with a consequent longing for a visitation of God in revival, began to meet together. (Click on link to go to Theo Bamber page). Since that time the Fellowship has emphasised revival but has insisted upon the continuing duty of reformation according to the Word of God in personal and church life. The desperate need of our land for an outpouring of God's Spirit remains.

A fuller history can be found on The ‘Reformation and Revival Fellowship’ movement page.

What are our aims?

What does the Fellowship offer?

What is the need?

Reformation: The evangelical application of the Word of God to personal and church life and worship.

Revival: A sovereign act of God in which He deals with us in mercy rather than judgement, bringing “a season of refreshing from the Presence of the Lord”, during which believers are both humbled and given new life and unbelievers converted.

An intervention: by the Lord in the affairs of mankind, such as will reverse godlessness.

An extraordinary visitation: by the Living Lord to a church, a locality, a nation or a continent so that people are faced with the reality of His felt presence.

A time: in which backsliders are restored.

A period in history: when God’s people are made joyfully responsive to His will, resulting in inspired prayer, empowered preaching, effective evangelism and an increased desire for personal holiness.

What can we do?

YOU can take part

Why not join us?

The RRF welcomes as  members all who:

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R.R.F. Conference 2018

Mon. 19th  - Wed. 21st  November


        George MacAskill (Stornoway)

        Geoff Thomas (Aberystwyth)           

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Newest Revival Articles

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                   God’s New Thing                            James Alexander Stewart            September 2016

The Story of God’s Mighty Acts                    C. H. Spurgeon                          June 2016


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Next Concerts of Prayer: January 2019

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